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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Damsel in distress!

Lil' missy gained confidence after a few successful attempts getting down from our bed, she was shocked when she slipped (since she still can't stand on her own without aid yet) and fell with a loud THUMP! Maybe it's not loud, but my heart did skip a beat. I saw how she used her hand to lessen the impact of the fall, so, the bump on her head may not be painful. But. no doubt she was shocked!

And from then on, she practiced caution. She will get down and cry for help half way although it is only
few inches more to reach the floor. She learnt from mistakes. It is a cute sight to see her trying to get down on her own, but then cry when she couldn't reach the floor. Yes, I am an evil mom! Hehehe.. but I believe there are times she needs to learn through the hard way. Life is not a bed of roses after all, right? Of course, we do not leave her alone at any times since we have helper to do the house chores, she has our full attention.

My lil' damsel crying for help.. if you look closely, she's only a few inches away..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sleep, oh sleep..

How I miss thee..

How do you put an active 1 yo to sleep? What do you normally do? Do you go through the same motion every time before bedtime as advised by all the experts? I know we have not been doing right somewhere, but now, we have to resort to this whenever we I want her to sleep. My hubby will play with her until I am done with my tasks and to take over from him. And when I take over...

My hand will become her bolster.. And I have to literally pin her head down. Else, she will be moving up, down, up down.. rolling here and there to all the four corners of our bed. 
Lil' missy, mommy and daddy want to sleep too. When you don't, we can't... And you need to sleep more in order to grow well too. You are only 7.3kg at 1yr and 2 week.

Chicken in the menu

Finally, lil’ missy had her first taste of chicken meat. Why such a long delay? Well, I agree with the opinions of my friend. Her son has some indigestion issue (I hope I remember it right) and only gets better when his diet changed.  His diet consists of only these 7 ingredients only – pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, red dates, longan, sweet corn and “lut zhi” (still not sure what that is until now) until more than a year old.  I do agree that babies’ and infants’ digestion and whatever there is in the body are still developing. And that is also the reason we introduce any new food to them in stages. Read here or here if you would like to know more about feeding solids.

Back to my lil’ missy, since she has been passing motion twice a day at least, so I stick to my variety of vege but fish for meat only.  I hope she won’t be sick of fish when she’s grown up.  As to her first chicken menu, it’s dates, gei zhi and .... don’t remember what else in the oats porridge since this blog is supposed to be posted weeks ago! Sigh, if only I had written it down much earlier. Well, just a note to say that she’s having chicken now!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Free from Addiction!

Woohooo.. We managed to wean her off pacifier finally! Not that we failed earlier, but we were having mixed feelings whether to go ahead or not. But the sight of seeing some children still 'sucking' the pacifier at the age of 2, 4 scares me.. There are many pros and cons on this pacifier case. I believe it is harder to wean as they get older. And so, the project kicked off during the Raya holidays. We have a whole week to work it out with her.

We planned to start with her afternoon nap without pacifier. But on day 2, she seemed to be able to fall asleep after a long struggle and so, we decided to go ahead without pacifier at night. And on day 3, she came to realization that there won't be any pacifier and cried a lil' before dozed off. Well, I claim victory on this! Phew, looking forward to better sleeping habit for her. Hope she would naps and sleeps longer. She is still petite for her age. She can wear some of the 3-6mo rompers. 3-6mo!! If 6-9mo, I wouldn't be so stressed, but 3-6mo?? One step at a time. Grow darling, please grow well.

One of her pic with pacifier..
Bye, bye pacifier!!
Day 1: Conked out after a loooonng struggle