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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Artsy fartsy for lil' missy.. Craft session

The only event I remember for Oct. Booo, this is for not jotting down as soon as it happens. What to do? I  am dropped dead by the time I reach home have short term memory..Learnt how to go about introducing art crafts to lil' missy. What do I really need? Patience and a definitely mentally prepared for mess. I am just so not ready to clean up the mess. I think I am a clean freak!

Threw away her 'palm' print because it turned moldy. This will be a picture blog post of the FUN we had.
While waiting for our turn, she has started to entertain herself
The dough for her palm print
She doesn't like the mushy mushy touch on her palm
That's it. She's pulling away!!
Her palm print! Unfortunately, it turned moldy after few weeks.

Painting while waiting for the clay to dry.
She prefers to feel the paint..
than to use the string or brush to paint..
Hannah: Eeew, why is her hands full of paint?
Dip, dip, dip.. no way of stopping her
Must guide her hands to the right place before it ends in her mouth.. again!
The fine art vs err...
My cheeky lil' missy.. Love her to bits!
Even when she's a hard baby at times. Talk about multi-tasking at a young age.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lil' missy's first experience in the pool

Swimming is the only exercise I enjoy. Jogging, badminton and whatever else will just make me feel dizzy, I feel. Lame excuse? I don't deny either. I have one unhealthy lifestyle.. Wait. Does doing house chores and chasing after lil' missy consider an exercise? I sweat too..

Anyways, I do not stay in a condo with easy access to swimming pool and neither am I keen to drive all the way to public swimming pool. No wonder I am ballooning to be a whale in no time if I don't watch out. Maybe vanity should be the drive to have a healthy lifestyle. I need to exercise! Drag my hubby along one of the mornings.. one of those days.

No, this post is not about me.. it is about lil' missy of course! First time mommies will surely want to record their child's, precious ones' many firsts. Also the very reason this blog exists. In September, I know, I know.. a late post. Without a maid now, whatever time and energy I have after lil' missy is spent on house chores. Back to swimming. Lil' missy had her first swim in the pool, INFINITY pool at 1yo! I only get to swim in an infinity pool at age thirties. She's truly one blessed girl. What more. She got another godmother too on the same day too. I've been waiting for this godmother!! Finally... One more person to continuously keeping lil' missy in prayer and loving her. Another great woman to be lil' missy's role model when she grows up. Ooh, and also when mommy (yours truly) needs to take a break.. .. ..

My swimsuit model, in her 1st birthday gift from us
Lil' missy enjoying herself
With her 2 kai-ma's. Look at the view! Awesome.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Annual Horsey Affair at Selangor Turf Club

I am truly glad that my friend told me about this event. No regret going despite the hot and humid weather. Not to mention the slight drizzle in the morning. Read here, here and here for more info on this annual event. Or just google it. Although it is held every year, but done at different places annually at the 3 turf clubs in Malaysia which are located in Penang, Ipoh and Selangor. Unless you don't mind to travel to those states to participate, it will be once in every 3 years in each state.

Glad and happy my niece had a great time. I hope. At least she gets to ride on a pony. All kids love to ride on one if they are not afraid of it right? Lil' missy gets to stroke on pony too.. real thing. And not showing picturs or flash cards saying horse!

Here are some pics..

Our first picture at the carnival

We get to pet the pony. So up-close!

And carriage ride too with their droppings along the way. Smells!!
My happy niece. Love her smiling like that.
Always cool look.. blur on the pony cos it moves. Real thing :)
Hehe, can see the tiredness on her face? Must have a shot with carriage!
She smiles for me :) Smile more sweetie niece!
The mascots welcoming us.. on our way out. Too bad lil' missy is afraid of them.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

September.. A month of celebration!

I love September. Just 2 days after celebrated lil missy's birthday and anniversary, we are on the road to more celebrations. My, MY birthday! ME!!! Okay, a bit of self-indulgence.

I get to do something different this year as I celebrated with my niece too. Our first. My niece is growing too fast. I still remember vividly how I brought her out.. and being young and not knowing much about parenting, I brought her to shopping complexes and eat all the fast food and ice-creams and... unhealthy stuff that I won't give to lil' missy yet. And nothing much learnt throughout the time spent except that we get to hang out with one another. I wonder if she was bored. As she started schooling with crazy pile of homework to finish, our weekends together became rare. And silence for years until this fateful Saturday! Nothing fanciful but the timing is so, so good.

I bought a cooking class session at a discount. Thanks to those group discounts thingy. And since the classes available then did not seem to spark my culinary interest, I signed both of us up for the adult and children session for a sushi making class! We both don't have an oven at home, so baking will be out if we want to continue having funpracticing our newly learnt art. I have not make any sushi after the class though but the time spent is worth it.

My shy niece..
Relunctantly smile for me
My niece's masterpiece
And here's mine
Work in progress from top view
Front view
Trying out the sushi roll. It takes skills!
And she did it! YAY!
Our creation.. went down to our tummy an hour later. Healthy!

And what we did right after the cooking class? We rush off back home to meet my hubby and lil' missy. I missed them of course but the main reason was to go to the horse carnival at Selangor Turf Club. But that will be in another post. 

Ooh, in case you are interested to know about this cooking class thingy, check out this place. They have a different program every month. It's interesting though I personally feel it's a bit pricey. But very convenient and fun. No cleaning up after. No messy, messy kitchen and greasy floor. However, for my niece and me, it'll be at my kitchen next.

Finally, a post after a long hiatus.