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Monday, April 30, 2012


Missy caught the disease 2 weeks ago! Gosh, and we didn't even recognize it. The daycare had a 2 confirmed cases for children with HFMD and 2 suspected ones. All parents were informed to monitor their own children and to quarantine if their children had the symptoms. Nothing happens to Missy over the weekends since the annoucement to us on Friday. A week passed and Missy had a high fever. We thought that it could be a normal fever or maybe viral infection and since it was pretty high with over 39 degree celcius at noon, we rushed back to pick her up and see a paed.

We were told that if it's HFMD, the blisters will show up overnight. It is too early to tell and viral infection is on the rise too. We gave her suppository to bring down her fever (39.4 when we reached the hosp). It is important to monitor them closely since fever normally spikes during midnight. We thought nothing much of it since her fever came down at night. I was also checking her feet and hands, her thighs etc for blisters. The paed even drew us how the blisters should look like. Similar to chicken pox (I have no idea how it looked like either since I have not had any at all) but smaller with water inside, usually on the feet, hands, thighs and mouth. That's why it's called hand, foot and mouth disease. Thigh may be depends on individual (not sure on this)... Anyway, we thought nothing of it at all when Missy is back to her normal self with no fever the next day. We didn't see any blisters like the one drew to us on Missy. She eats and drinks well too. Healthy, right? We were so, so wrong! We brought her back to the daycare the next day. The owner then called us and said that the red spots on Missy are signs of HFMD and there seems to be an ulcer in the mouth. What?! Those are not mozzie bites?! And the ulcer was the reason she's been poking her own throat? I rushed back over to pick her up and we sent her to the same paed again. Confirmed! Paed showed me the an ulcer in her throat too. Darn, how can we missed the signs? Who would have thought that the blisters will only show up AFTER the fever has subsided? Who would have thought that it may not be alot like chicken pox, one or two is enough? Well, just us I guess.

There's no antibiotic for viral infection, it's only for bacteria infection. It all depends on the immune systems of a person. Thank God that Missy had a mild one. There were no new blisters except the one we saw on her feet and hand. She still has not rejected any food or drink thus sparing her from the medicine that will soothe her throat. I was so ready to feed her ice-cream, yogurt, cold drinks, whatever in case the sore throat got worse. But she was still in her normal self. Cheeky and active as ever. Thank God truly.

So, here are some pictures of her blisters..
The largest blisters.. I thought it should be small ;p
A different view. Sorry, camera on the phone has lousy quality
Another red spot for the so-called blister. It was just a spot!

The only 2 blisters on her right hand. There's none on the left.

And what did I do to deal with this HFMD on Missy
(Disclaimer: Pls note that there is no scientific research and whatsoever to whatever I did. They are solely based on mother's instinct, gut feelings and other mother's advise) ;p
1. Lotsa fluids and coconut water
2. Porridge as per norm since she's eating well
3. TLC
and most importantly, lotsa prayers :) Thank God it's only a mild one. So, can only share that much.

Phew, tiring to care for an active tots for 3 days consecutively! I have to think of activites for her, her menu etc. I am definitely not cut to be a SAHM. Salute all SAHM!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Missy, 4 months to 2yo

Terrible two's? It's apparent in her even now! Gosh, she really tests our patience and at times, I am amazed that I can be so patient. Maybe only towards Missy. Bought a book by Nicky & Sila Lee, The Persnting Book. Truly need to learn from other Godly parents since I tried not to copy too much from my or hubby's upbringing. I was brought up in a typical traditional Chinese family, where hugs and assurance are lacking (no question about my parents' love for us).. But we want to know how to raise up Godly children through other families. Both hubby and I are 1st generation Christian, we do not want Missy to have 'borrowed' faith when she grows up later. We learnt best from other people's experiences right? Hmm.. How did I sway away so much from the topic? I don't know.. Oh well. At this age, she has shown so much developments. And finally, Missy calls me 'mommy'!! Wheee, the moment I have been waiting for. So sweet to my ears. But that is a different story when she is so clingy. At times, I feel we are like koala and tree, Missy the koala and I am the tree. Imagine koala hugging the tree. That's how I felt when she's in her mood. Ooh, and she can self-feed too. I asked the centre if they allow her to feed on her own and they do monitor. I was told that her first time was done well too by herself. Hehe, I am not ready to clean up after her. So there isn't much chances for her to eat on her own at home. It's only when she refused to eat her lunch and dinner (maybe my cooking is really yucky ;p) or when we eat out and I need to distract her so that we can eat in peace. I was told that her gross motor is developing weel though I feel I have not done enough for her to explore. With that, I can only thank God for watching over Missy. Her vocabulary has increased too besides 'mommy'. Moon, stars, peekaboo, door, guitar (heard it for the first time today!), car, house... Can recognize and count from one to ten (so, so proud of her)... And many others that my dory fish memory is failing me. Her first few mandarin words are 'wo bu yao' (I don't want).. Of all words/semtnces she learnt *roll eyes* Nonetheless, am thankful that Missy is growing well :)