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Sunday, February 20, 2011


We don't really co-sleep with our baby since she's born, only once in a while when we travel or when fireworks lasted through the inghts. And the last few weeks are those rare occasions with lotsa holidays - 2 nights at Cherating, 2 nights in Melaka, 3 nights in Ipoh....So, you can imagine the number of nights that we had our baby sleeping with us!

A new challenge has just begun  *sigh* We have to start all over again the sleeping routine :) At 5+ mo and with previous changes to the routine, she is more alert to her surroundings and people. She clings more to me than my hubby. The first night when we are back home, she is still very alert (and of course very cranky) as it's way past her bedtime. My hubby couldn't comfort her to zzZZ! But she will be all smiles when she sees me. It's sweet but not for all nights! Mommy is tired too ;p And she can sleep straight up to 6 hours or more with one dream feed if she sleeps with us!

And just today, after waking up at 2-ish and 6-ish, i just carried her to our bed. She slept till 9-ish and none of us are at her side! Well, will only let her sleep with us once or twice the most each week. For her to catch up on sleep and for us (me) to have a good rest. Looks like that's the way to go for now...

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