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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pulau Ketam.. on fire!!

It would have been a wonderful trip to spend with family members if not for the fire! We would have not been so tired and lack of rest if not for the fire! When we searched and googled about the place, we get to know that it is really a fishing village and the only means of transportation is bicycle. No point to get a car of motorbike over, there isn't enough space for wider roads, and definitely no space for petrol station. And if fire ever happens, all will be gone! I am imagining it to be a floating village... hmm.. I didn't join my family members walk all the way from one end to another, and there could only  be 2 streets that is alive.. as in with stalls and food around. I have really not much interest to walk so much.. not when you have a 6 mo baby with you :P yes, i brought along my girl. Too adventurous eh? But then, I rather bring her along than not spending time with her. I work late and when I get to reach home on most weekdays, it's about time to get her to sleep. Sigh. She's growing too fast...

Back to the fire.. there aren't many budget hotels in Pulau Ketam. It's a small village and don't see the point of having too many hotels when it may not be able to cater to attract the tourists. Nothing much to do there.. no doubt the seafood is fresh, but we can also get fresh seafood here too. Yes, it's cheap comparatively but, but... there's no beach except for the muddy water surrounding the island, the lala omelette is nothing to shout about, the nasi lemak that it famous for.. We can get something nice over elsewhere and need not park our car at the jetty, wondering how safe it can be and take a ferry over. Anyways, it's just my own opinion. Afterall, I'm no longer a kampung girl. I've been staying in Klang Valley for the past decade and I can't imagine being trap if fire ever happens! I've witnessed a fire that destroyed 3 shops when I was young. But, a fire in Pulau Ketam means, it may spread and the whole kampung will be gone!

It all started with short circuit.. We were in our room upstairs when the lights were on and off and then, a total darkness! We guessed it right that it''s due to overloaded and thought nothing about it. No shouts, nothing. Until my sis called. Her room is downstairs with shared/public toilet. It's the 2nd last room available and it's full house for the hotel that night. My sis called and told us that there is fire.. and we thought, oh ok. It didn't dawn on us to rush out!! Silly us.. Then the 2nd call. Asked us to pack and go down. And when we went down, we realized how bad it was. The smoke! *cough*cough* and the villagers are surrounding the place. The firemen has rolled away the hose.. Honestly, if not for my sis who happenned to go up and pass by and smell the smoke and ask what happened, we won't know that there was fire! Though the owner has managed to put off the fire, but if it is due to short circuit, how safe can you be certain that it's really safe? I don't know.. but with a baby, a pregnant lady, senior citizens, children?! I can't just jump off the room out of the window if fire really breaks out. Should have at least informed us and led us out! We would have to walk in total darkness if not for the torchlights my mom brought along, if not my sis happened to passed by.

And then, the step from the jetty to the ferry.. Thank God I have a baby carrier with me. Else, I need 4 arms! Sigh.. what a weekend. Nonetheless, I thank God that He's watching over me and my family. I thank my hubby for being so calm, at least he tried to be in those chaotic moments - the walks to get into the ferry and the fire. Enough said of my first and very likely last trip to Pulau Ketam.

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