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Monday, July 4, 2011

Things to bring when you are out with a baby

Food! Snacks.. healthy snacks of course. So, the usual snacks would be teething biscuit, cheese and fruits. Teething biscuits can last for a long time. And teething biscuit is the the last resort after finishing a slice of cheese or some baby biscuits. I wonder if baby will ever say no to food. Maybe, there is - fussy baby. Then, I am glad that my missy is not.

Anyway, here's a picture of her with dragon fruit seed on her face. I wonder if she likes to have a mole on her face. I have one, tiny one above the lips like Cindy Crawford. But I am in no way as hot as her. Hehe..

Now, back to my missy. Isn't she cute?

My girl, my missy.. my love.

Oh, what are the things do we bring along whenever we are out with her?
1. Extra diaper
2. Wet wipes & tissue
3. Nappy cream
4. Mozzie bite cream
5. Mozzie repellent
6. Napkin - great use as a blanket or cover if there's rain
7. Cap
8. Extra sets of clothes - both long and short sleeves
9. Toys / Books
10. Milk powder (in milk dispenser)
11. 2 milk bottle filled with water (1 is enough, but I am a kiasi mom.. so just in case)

Have I missed out anything? I guess that should be it. Ooh, if you noticed, I don't bring hot water. Why? Malaysia is a food haven with lots of kind souls despite the rising crime rate. It's easy to find any reputable restaurants or cafes ie Starbucks, Coffee Bean or mother infant room etc.. Just ask for hot water. Well, I learnt this from other moms. Since we eat out most of the time when we are outside, this is truly a good tips for us. Less one thing to carry.

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