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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank God for His provision

Am thankful to know that I have a God who provides and cares to every of our needs. For one, we are thankful to the people He sent into our lives especially for my MiL's case. No doubt that it has been one which is full of ups and downs, but am thankful to know that He is in control. To date, my MiL has undergone 4ops in a span of 1 mth!! Long overdue post. She's in the ICU for 2 months now. We are praying for no further complications so that she can moved out finally from ICU to normal ward, and then discharge home. Yes, am never in good terms but to go through that many ops at such an old age.. No one, no one should have to go through what she went through. We are praying that she will get to enjoy her final golden years in better health, no longer bound by sickness (I mean those that can really rob off your joy and freedom). Imagine yourself being old and not able to play with your grandchildren, or unable to even attend daughter's wedding, or maybe could not even enjoy her favorite dishes once in a blue moon.. This really reminds me to really buck up with some exercises and healthy diet. Darn, why is it such a hardwork to remain healthy? Ooh, before I run out too far off the topic..I want to thank Him for the doctors, specialists, consultants, pharmacists and nurses who were with us throughout the whole journey giving the best advises they could. She is not in any private hospital and to be in touch with some of the best people are truly God's hands at work!

Missy's centre is confirmed closing down. (Closed down by now). The partnership didn't go well, in fact has turned ugly in certain ways. So, we have until end of this month to search for another centre for her. Worst scenario, will be nanny or babysitter. Am not so keen since I know the best nanny, just that she's in Ipoh :( I've experienced endless provision from Him and am sure that we will find one.. But, of course, being me, I am anxious too. And another change for Missy... Sigh, all I can be sure of is she'll survive. Though I am not cut to be a SAHM, but at times like this, I hope that this is an option. But with so many commitments, this is a wishful thinking. How nice it could be if I can work from home at times or take a break just to care for her? *lallallala* Oh yes, before I get too overwhelmed by the things that's happening around me, I want to announce His wonderful provision! Yes, Missy is going to be 'che-che' in Oct!! *smiling widely* Is Missy happy? Does she know what is really in mommy's tummy? I can't really answer those questions.. For sure, she has been super clingy and more, more manja before we even confirmed that I've conceived. Children truly have the purest thoughts and so sensitive.. No wonder they have special place in His heart. And if there is one word to describe my cheeky Missy, it will be koala bear...

When you read this post, Will you please keep us in prayer? For MiL's health to be better in no time, missy grows up well and hubby not to tired with the travelling visiting MiL in the hospital.

Hope there'll be another post soon. Adios!

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