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Friday, July 13, 2012

39.7 and Roseola!

Missy has never had fever more than 2 days. Her fever always subside after medicine. And this time, it lasted for 5 days, we felt so helpless. At least, we were comforted by the fact that she is still very active and cheeky, her usual self. Knowing that there is nothing much we could do, we continued to pray for speedy recovery, kept sponging her at night especially when the temperature spiked and giving her subs every 6 hours. Her temperature shot the highest at 39.7 degree celcius on the night 4. Of course we were worried but we also know that her body is fighting against whatever virus there is in that small frame of hers. We were so ready to rush to the A&E but somehow, her temperature went down slightly after a while. And her eyes seem to be swollen and we searched and googled with all the sypmtoms we saw. Rashes, swollen eyes and fever... we started to suspect it to be roseola and there is no antibiotic for it. No antibiotic for virus attack. So, there is no point to rush to any doctors or hospitals since she is drinking well, eating well but with high temperature. The only thing in my mind is to continue to keep her temperature down, her temperature down, down and down..

Thank God that her temperature went down on the next day, and by evening, her temperature was almost back to normal around 37-ish. Well, except for the rashes that seems to be popping up on her chest, she is OKAY. And the next day, hubby took her to see paed to confirm what she has caught on and also to ask what are the signs of a dengue attack. Fever and rashes are also signs of a dengue attack ;p All is well when paed confirmd that it is roseola. Google it for more info. Praise God indeed that it is nothing more serious. Phew! Missy, pray that you have a lifetime immunity against it *hugs*

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