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Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY 2011

Today marks a new journey, not because we are celebrating Chinese New Year! But because we have Faith to celebrate with... ooh, with cough, sniffy nose and aching muscle too. Not just me but my hubby got those 'buddies' too. Bah! What a way to welcome the bunny year. It's kinda challenging to travel but we did it! We travelled to Melaka, MiL's hometown on the eve of CNY and then back to PJ before continue to Ipoh, my hometown on the 3rd day.. and it's kinda challenging when we are not feeling so well. But thank God Faith has been behaving well throughout the journey. Should have asked my SIL to take our pics when I was sleeping in the car while carrying Faith. What a sight, hehe... Faith almost slipped away from my arm. Ok, what this post is about? Just to mark the beginning of this blog and hopefully, I will continue to posting more updates so that our next generation will see how our love for her (Faith for now) and with Him grows as we take this journey as a family together..

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