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Monday, February 7, 2011

Darling of My Heart

My darling at week ... can't remember ;p maybe at 3mo.
That's me, bad with dates and numbers.

She's indeed a gift from Heaven, our Heavenly Father. We are truly thankful for her.. She has been an easy baby from the beginning (can differentiate between day and night, sleep through the nights, rarely cries except when she needs to be fed and cleaned) unlike me when I was young or my hubby. Both of us have nicknames that resemble who we were then - "big cry ten" (translate that to cantonese) or tarzan. We both cried a lot for no reasons, hehe and my relatives will share the same ol' stories about me whenever we meet.

Of course, we experience the same things as other new parents do. Our schedules are no longer the same. 20min shower is a luxury (to me at least) or 6 hours sleep straight or shopping for more than 3 hours. I am so looking forward to watching movie but let that be a wishful thinking for now until I am comfy to let someone else taking care of her. Ooh, I will only leave her at my MiL's place when, only when I am not working. Aiks, she's crying and that's it for now..

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