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Friday, May 6, 2011

"I am not too happy"

Those were the words said by the paed when we see him this morning. We are asked to see him again when darling hits 9mo when others only need to see him for jab when they are 1 year old. For a note, darling was underweight, 200gm less than the acceptable weight of 2.5kg. Nonetheless, paed wants to see us to check on her growth. We brought forth the appointment when darling has fever. Is 38.4 consider high? She sure stressed both of us out since she has not really been so sick since birth. Thinking it was the weather, but it's rare for her to fall asleep without much fuss in the car... something is not right. We have never feel her so warm before. We rushed to the clinic of course. To cut the story short, we took EL (it's definitely not how a long weekend should be) and see the paed the next day.

But when he saw the measurement, he said those words! Darn.. when you hope to hear some comforting words for the 38.4 high temperature, you get another bad news. Well, looks like we got to boost her diet with butter, cheese, yoghurt and anything with high protein.

Note: Her temperature has gone down after we managed to feed the medicine to her, by mixing with milk. We have tried other means we can think of and she even cries without opening her mouth! Well, at last we found a way. It's painful to see her having fever but more painful when she threw up all (ALL!), whatever that is left in her small tummy when we fed her medicine.Can't wait for her to be fully well so that I can try new recipes for her. Gambate Darling!

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