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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Please stay away from my baby!

It's flattering when you want to hug my baby. It's even more flattering when you say she is so adorable and wanting to give her a smooch. But wait! You are all dolled up! My baby still sucks her thumbs, licks on almost every surface and floor even! She rubs her face al lthe time especially when she is sleepy.Your nicely painted face, pouting lips, manicured fingernails.... errrm, my baby does not need extra supplements from you, my friend or rather stranger.

How do you tell them off nicely that I do not want my baby to have extra chemicals laced onto her hands and face? My baby is only 8mo and I am just starting to loosen up with lesser need to sterilize bottles on a regular basis. If they are my friends, I can just tell them straight to the face and they know that I still love them. But to a well meaning stranger? They may think I am cocky. I am fine with that, but I need to 'jaga' the feelings of those close to me....

Oh I forgot there's other cases too. When your children who loves baby is sick and flu-ish, please, please refrain them from coming near to my baby or any baby if at all. Sigh... Am I too paranoid?

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