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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wheee... She's teething!

After months of anticipation, we can finally feel the 2 front bottom teeth on her gum! Her gums has been swollen for so long and I didn't know that it can be so long for it to finally show up. And just today, I can see her first white cap. Happy =)

Ooh...decision, decisions. Do I change her solids to more texture? Our cheeky darling is very good at rejecting food. If we push it to her a lil' bit more, she will cough as if throw up. And her hands coordination is good too. She will push away the spoon or bottle. Stress when she is underweight. She is one baby who won't cry for milk! There were times that when we are out, she will skip at least one feed. Both of us, my hubby and I love food. Looks like she hasn't take it from us yet.

Breastfeeding. I wanted to wean her when she hits 6mo. Somehow, I managed to continue thus far. Supply has dropped definitely and I am lazy to push for it either. A lot of my friends advise me to continue as mama-lac is the best. True but, but..It's not easy when we have work that is quite demanding. Taking time off to express in the past has been by God's grace and favour.. Well, we shall see. Since pd has advised us to give her unhealthy diet (to adults), maybe we just.. .. Sigh. Don't know what to say. Maybe, I am a lazy mom afterall.

I love the teethers below and one of it is used by my darling. using the ads to add colours to my post =)s

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