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Friday, May 20, 2011

Surviving Breastfeeding!

No one share much about breastfeeding during my pregnancy. Most of the times, it was always about eating healthily, the progress of my term etc. No one, no one has actually told me the new challenge that awaits me after delivery. It is not just about sleepless nights in meeting the demands of a newborn as a new mommy. It is the challenge to have enough supply for my baby!

I went online during my confinement just to check on websites about breastfeeding, talk to lots and lots of friends who have been successful in breastfeed. I still remember the miserable 10ml after each express in the first few weeks. I took comfort that my body is now producing for local demands, so don't expect mass production for export market. Some economic terms used in my pre-natal class. But it did not help further when my baby was introduced to formula, some more a special one for pre-mature baby as my darling was born slightly underweight. So, the stress was always there to feed her formula... Then, on 2nd week I decided to just let her latch on directly to boost the supply. It was not an easy decision either. Thankfully, I have supportive mom (though she has no experience in breastfeeding, not a choice for her time though) and my hubby...

And my darling is now 8 mo. My dilemma is whether I should stop or not. Before pregnant, I wanted to breastfeed for a year. And when I delivered, I thought 9 months should be good, then 6 months when I find breastfeeding is not as easy as it seems and then to 3 months to as long as I have the supply. My supply from 10ml from each time to 4 oz lasted through till now. Should I stop? Or should I continue? I have slowed down a lot and she's now on 50-50 formula and bm. Sigh, human (or maybe just me) is so weird right? Worry no matter which situation we are at. LOL!

Some good reads on breastfeeding: (author has her own blog too and it's interesting to learn from her ways of upbringing and juggling as a wife, doting mother and gorgeous woman.. and she has just recently became a working mom too!)

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (La Leche League International Book)


  1. Hi. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Breastfeeding was what started me blogging! I have lots of problems breastfeeding both my babies. My first one never quite had enough breastmilk. Sob sob. As for the 2nd, he took 2 whole months before he learned how to latch on! If it is of any help, you can check out my breastfeeding posts here.

  2. mumsgather, WOW! How did you manage with no helper then? Truly amazed at how you coped with the seemingly endless feeding. And you bf for 3 years!!!! I am speechless but very encouraged. Thanks for sharing =)