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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm a chef!

To my girl that is. There is no way any adults would want to try my cooking. Yes, I can't cook except for simple dishes ie garlic stir-fry vege, fried egg, steam tofu, rice and of course, instant noodle. It's hard to find time to hone my cooking skills and expensive to try out just for 2 adults. And when there are family members around, I'll shy away and rather eat out than to cook up few dishes. Hard work!

Ever since my darling is on solids, I practice the western style of pureed food and a mixture of chinese style - porridge. Instead of rice, I use oats. Healthier I feel. Haven't done any in-depth research on the nutrition between oats and rice. Nonetheless here are some of the food I feed my darling. Babies have clean palate and I am more than glad to cook for her. Definitely no complaint! *smiles*

When she's between 6-8mo, it's avocado, apple which took quite some time for her to like it, pear, sweet potatoes puree, Nestle Cerelac rice cereal,  asparagus, broccoli, spinach puree. I also blended baked anchovies to powder form so that  I can mix into any of the puree or rice cereal when she's close to 8mo. I've blended oats for her too so that it's easier for her to swallow.

And now at 9mo, I no longer blend the oats. Since I tried the oats myself, it's pretty easy to swallow. And, she too is ok with it. So there is no need to blend them anymore. I now mash the potatoes, chop the broccoli, flake the fish, maybe still blend the spinach a bit smoother... haven't tried that yet. Oooh, and when our paed asked us to feed her food with high protein ie cheese, full-fat yogurt and fish, we give her cheese as snacks and finger food albeit a messy one. Any particular brand that it's good for baby? I don't take cheese and so, can't comment. I hope my darling will not take after me in terms of food. Else, there'll be lotsa stuff she won't take and this will definitely stress both of us up as she is already below percentile in height, weight and hc. Only comfort is that she's a cheerful baby and has been an easy one.

Well, I can't ask for more when He has been so good to us. Thank God really!

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