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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hehe, that's my darling looking out to our room from her room. You see, we don't really co-sleep with her except on weekends and nights when I want to catch up on my zzz, rather than walking up and down to her room few times. we can't bear to hear her cry or rather, we have not really practice ferberizing. We will bring her to our room when she wakes up in the dawn for her morning feed. And tonight, as usual in her room, she will crawl up and down, up and down, and maybe bring herself to stand up by pulling the bar of the safety gate and then maybe cry hoping that we will bring her to our room. And, that's her figuring (maybe) how to get outta here! In case you want to know, it takes me at least half an hour to put her to sleep. The easiest is to feed her with milk.. though this is not recommended. Sigh, I got another issue to deal with later. Will think of that later once I figure out how to put her to sleep without much challenge!

Note to darling: Mommy has been your bolster since you are born for the past 9 months, be it in our room or your own. I don't mind to be your bolster until the day you found one to last a lifetime. Love you heaps!

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