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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Down with her bum

What do you think hubbies do when you leave them with your baby? Well, mine has successfully taught her to get down from the bed with her leg first and not head. Unlike the past, lil' missy doesn't know the depth, meaning all seems flat and same level to her be it she's on the bed or few stories high. I told my hubby that it's important to teach lil' missy to get down with her bottom first and not head, else, what if both of us accidentally (which should not have happenned in the first place!) left her alone? That will be her survival skill!!

When my lil' missy showed me her new skills, I can't help but to feel a tinge of sadness and of course proud. Both for the same reason. She has grown! Sigh.. what do we parents actually want? One side, doesn't want them to grow too fast and another side, can't wait for them to grow out and get our lives back. Our lives changed and there is no way we can get our lives back for we are truly grateful and thankful for this lil' missy.. soon to be a lil' monkey. And she's only 10mo, yet to hit the terrible 2's.

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