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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A day when I hope I am single again

No. My hubby has been real good and so is my lil' missy. They are my gems. Really! Whatever decisions I made now, they are no longer about me, myself and I. I need to include them as well, the love of my life. I wouldn't want any of my foolish decisions to hurt them in any ways.

9th July, a day to remember for my nation. History in the making and I would have been there to be with my fellow Malaysians at the rally if I am single. It was a sad day for our nation, but at the same time, a day that we, as Malaysians should be proud of. It is not so much of fighting against the government, but the spirit of all races to come together to hold and believe what is right and just. And I am thankful for the Malaysians who went for the rally to stand firm despite the many obstacles and risks they had to face. It may not be for themselves or me but for our next generations...

I grieve for my country and truly pray that His hands will be upon this land. Heal our land, oh God!

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