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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rice porridge for the first time

Lil' Missy finally had rice porridge for lunch and dinner today and she's now 10mo. I have been giving her oats instead of rice since 6mo. But today, she gets to have the whole thing freshly made for her. No more frozen pureed vege.. Then again, I don't freeze cooked food for since a month ago except for potato and carrot which take longer time to soften. Chinese has this belief that all frozen cooked or overnight food has 'wind'. Don't ask me what or how it can happen. I can't explain and don't really follow as I have been giving her pureed food when she started taking solids. She is still a happy child with nice poo-poo and wee-wee. So, her first rice porridge has quinoa, potato, tomato and salmon. It's like abc soup right? I tasted it and liked it. Better with black pepper and a bit of salt, hehe. Anyways, I have to finish the extras since I cooked too much - 3 spoons* of brown and ... (can't remember) rice, 1/4 spoon of quinoa, 1 each of potato and tomato, and finally a small chunk of salmon. All these for her lunch and dinner. Too, too much!

Lil' Missy has been a snacker but to drink lesser milk has us worried. I thought as a child grows, so is his intake be it solids or milk. And so, our Lil' Missy has been drinking 1oz lesser instead of increasing her milk intake for the past few days.

Oh yea, just remembered. Back to the porridge.. rather salmon or fish. I have learnt to flake the fish with fingers and not fork to take the bones out. Well, maybe I have not been doing my job well. We found bones in the porridge a few times. A friend shared with me to sieve their food. But I rather not to have too much handling with the food since it will be my maid who will be preparing the rest when I am at work. I have reservation to the state of cleanliness. Well, thank God that nothing has happened to Lil' Missy!

note: spoon = chinese soup spoon

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