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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who sleeps first?

My hubby of course! Everytime All the time Most of the time he would be the one who fall asleep before lil' missy or me. We still have a long way to go in sleep train lil' missy. She still can't fall asleep on her own and as always, will look for me.. Of course, my hubby will have to take over when I am busy preparing her stuff ie porridge or house chores. It is no easy task to put her to sleep. Lullaby, carry her and rock her.. these just won't work even for an hour. She will wait till mommy shows up. Lil' missy will smiles and giggles away with those sleepy eyes. These are the moments when my hubby would be the one snoring away while lil' missy entertaining herself waiting for mommy to finish her works.Funny isn't it that my hubby always complain that he is tired but have the energy on news, games.. but when putting lil' missy to sleep, he's the first to zzZZ! Man!

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