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Monday, August 29, 2011

one, two, three, FOUR!

Does teething cause loose stools? Lil' missy has been passing out loose stools, very loose on day one and slightly ok, but still loose on day tow. Could it be because we have been travelling (again) that caused her poo-poo time all mixed up? She can poo two to three times a day! Or could it be hygiene? Or diet? We have not changed her diet much except for pork, which she tried only a day ago. And pearl barley but that was almost a week... hmmm...Or multi-grain porridge is too much for her lil' tummy to handle? Other than worrying us, she is also giving us some 'exercise' by crawling about, climbing up and down. Well, maybe we are too worried. Not? Arrggghhhh, if only she can tell me if she doesn't feel well.

Ooh, almost forgotten about her teething. See? Her loose stools is very worrying! When we all thought she would have all four at the bottom, she surprised us with 4 from the top coming out at the same time. She has been having only her two bottom teeth for a long time. Tunggu punya tunggu, nothing happens except for the swollen gum at the bottom next to the two bottom teeth. That makes us thought she will have four bottom. But when we heard her grinding her teeth, I got a shocked when I realized that there are four lil' whitish teeth popping out! Gee, she's growing!!

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