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Friday, August 19, 2011


Arrggghhh!! Can someone please tell me why roaches exist in the first place? Why did God made them? Where does it fit into the food chain?! Nasty pesky pest! We have been having this "visitor" at least once a week since the arrival of our maid.. Hmmm, maybe it's because we started to cook more often now and whatever that is in the kitchen is attracting them.

And yesterday, there's one in the kitchen (expectantly) and I made sure my maid killed it. I stood there to make sure it is killed. If possible, just whack it to death and not by using those aerosol spray. AND then, one in our room. My hubby knew that I will not let it go until I see it with my own eyes, the dead body. No one, maybe except lil' missy who is still oblivous to this creature, will get to go through the night peacefully if it's not found. I will be jumping up and down, searching high and low.. paranoid that it will appear from no where. So, the six-legged creature must be killed! No choice and my hubby has to search high and low for it. Of course, I carry lil' missy into another room and watch from afar the hassle my hubby had to go through just to kill the roach for our peace of mind. 

Yes, I am very much afraid of roaches to the point I think I have katsaridaphobia. I can't even stand to be in the same room with a dead roach. And definitely a big NO if it's the flying type. This flying type will somehow fly to your direction! And stick on you?!! Aarrgghhhh!!  And if I ever encounter a roach, I will be the one 'flying' out of the room.  I get goose bumps at the sight of it's image even. It is the most 'eeewwww' insect!

I pray that there is no nest in my home but I fear the worst. So long hubby or maid is killing it for me, I shall just.. just wait. Unless I call for those pest controller.. Hmmm.. Why did God create them again?

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