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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I learnt along the way..

We learnt as we grow. And I definitely learn even much more ever since lil' missy is here. Life has never been the same and I have to read books I never have read or prayers I have never been so diligently prayed over. Well, this post is actually to jot down the day I discovered how to peel avocado! Yes, you read it right. Avocado is alien in chinese cuisine and I never have the chance to try them until I am in my teen. That also from sushi ie dragon roll, spider roll..those with a few thinly sliced avocado, which you can barely get the taste of an avocado. I tried to made a guacamole dip after I heard that it has high nutrition and lil' missy was not even born yet. So, please don't laugh at me *shy*

Anyways, I've been feeding her avocado since she first started solids. Lucky girl, eh? I peeled like how I would a normal fruit. Very messy! I can't remember what exactly happened but on that night, I just cut it into half and scope it out like a kiwi fruit. Voila! So easy and clean and, and ... why didn't I thought of this method earlier? Darn.. Not too late I guess although lil' missy is entering 1yo. Actually, I can't help laughing at myself too. This post is to remind me of some funny moments as I enter into parenting.

Of course, I still have a long way to go to cook up decent meals for guests. But I am still hopeful that I would turn into a chef for my lil' missy, my family. So for now, lil' missy is my guinea pig. Hubby? Nah, let's spare him for a while. To end this post, I am thankful that lil' missy is not choosy over food, hubby who doesn't mind my cooking and cooks too when he is in the mood.

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  1. Lucky Missy. I still haven't tasted avocado. Why not update your post to share how it tastes like? Hehe.