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Sunday, August 14, 2011

She's a gem

Really! If you had not read about my earlier post on how hard it was to her to sit still in her car seat, well, here it is. But for the past one month, she has been good. REAL GOOD when she would just sit quietly, staring blankly until we reach our destinations. How did it happen? I don't really know. She has been sitting quietly, staring blankly to the sky or whatever view she has from the car seat throughout the journeys. It's such a bliss. More so when she behaved so well during our 2.5-3 hours drive to and fro my hometown. Ah! Could it be the pacifier? It doesn't matter for now.. I am just so glad and thankful that it has been an easy journey. Lil' missy, do you know that you amaze me at times? I wonder what's in your thoughts that kept you occupied throughout the journeys. 2.5 hours is not short at all. And you did it! Well done, lil' missy.

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