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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 minutes

Babies sure have a lot of perseverance. At least mine do. We have not really been discipline enough to let her sit in her car seat all the time. My hubby is normally the chauffeur and we, baby and I will sit at the back. I would usually plonk her to the car seat, BUT when she cries, I will carry her. And it will be up down up down. Reason, not to distract my dear hubby when he drives. Well, it is entirely the adults' fault for not being determined enough to let her sit through in all journey. And so, when I put her to the seat half way through the journey home today, it is very much expected for her to cry. And boy, she can really CRY! With tears and out of breath and all.. Heartbreaking but we know we need to make a stand for her safety. I wonder if there are any other parents who do the same as we do.. Feeling rather bad now. Bleh.

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