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Monday, June 20, 2011

A week without hubby

I wouldn't be any easier if not for my mom who agreed to come down to look after our darling. I prefer such arrangement than the usual arrangement. And since my mom can make it, why not seize the opportunity! Thank God for my mom and a friend who stays few houses away.

Well, I of course would bring her to our room and to sleep with us. And I asked my mom to sleep with us too. For safety reason and also for comfort. Our room is the only room that has air-conditioner. Darling seems to be oblivious to the disappearance of her daddy after a few nights. Maybe it has been me who put her to sleep, accompany her until she dozes off. And so, when my hubby came back few days ago... She stared and stared at him! She pushed him away after a while!! Ouch! I feel for my hubby. So heartbreaking! What a short memory babies have! Darling, do you know that daddy was so sad when you pushed him away?

And today, when we brought her to her room, she cried! And we haven't even closed the safety gate. I thought she has short memory. No? She has selected memories! Well, of course we didn't put her in her room. We want her to get familiarize with her room again first before dumping having her sleep in her room. Meanwhile, I will continue to be her bolster, pillow and willingly to be one too.

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