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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best confinement lady ever

I am thankful that I had the best CL after delivering my first child. Not only is she the best babysitter, she's the best CL ever! I've always known that she's one sought after babysitter. The children that she babysat will always come back during school holidays or festivals just to hang out at her place. And the mothers will always have good comments about her. I remember about a mom who mentioned that her second son could not get use to eating at home after she stopped sending him to the babysitter. Reason being, she doesn't eat brown rice or multi grain rice. And, she doesn't boil much soup too. This babysitter is not stingy at all. Generous with whatever nutritious meals she prepared for her own family. And this babysitter invited the parents of the first child she took care for her son's and daughters' weddings. If a person is not good, do you think others would continue to keep in touch?

And when I had her as my CL, she would at least tried her best to do away the Chinese beliefs. Especially ginger in all dishes. I've asked her to reduce the portion for at least 2 weeks as I was still breastfeeding and my darling was having a slight jaundice. She obliged after a few reminders as she was also worried of my health. Got to be patient with old people especially in doing away their beliefs and hence a few reminders.. And, chicken and pork seems to be a must in all meals during confinement. I asked for more vege instead as I prefer vege to meat. And she painstakingly thought of all the different style of cooking. And of all the different dishes, I love the stir-fry kale with ginger wine and lemongrass chicken chop. No pork for me though as I just had too much meat.

And when I am old, I don't mind to be like her. Confinement lady to my daughter and babysitter to my grand-daughter. It's tough and tiring to be one especially when one is old, but it brings back the sweet memories and bond of a mother-daughter. Thanks Mom!

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