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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bachelorette party

Congratulations to a dear friend of mine who is getting married soon! And it was also the first time I am away alone at night with my girlfriends. ALONE! Well, it's a big deal to me as I have not been out since the birth of my darling. And well done to my hubby too for taking care of my darling whilst I was away. My darling was sound asleep when I was back. Bliss *all smiles*

And back to the topic, what do you normally do in a hens night/bachelorette party? Wine, dine and dance? Follow suit with games.. Laughter and fun at the expense of the bride-to-be? If I can turn back time, I rather have a simple, cosy and tight dinner with a few close friends. Hmmm, come to think of it, I did except for the games that came after. Challenging and pretty dangerous too... Then again, kudos to the organisers and am thankful for these friends. They make time for me, and that matters most. Ok, back to the hens night.It brought back memories and I surely enjoyed the time. Wish it was longer since it's so hard to catch up with everyone. It's a simple hens night where we had simple pot-bless (each bring a portion of food for everyone to share), some wine although I don't drink (forgotten that I was still breastfeeding!) and some questions for the bride-to-be. It will be awesome if we spend a night at her place just to catch up. But, but.. somehow, it's tough now being a mom. I have separation anxiety!

From the way I describe the hens night, it seems boring eh? Well, I just like to look at pictures of other hens night with all the crazy games. If it's my own or those I'm attending, I like it simple and intimate. Do you feel the same too? Or maybe it's just the boring me... Hmmm...

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