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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new attempt in the kitchen

I rarely cook as I mentioned in my earlier post and not to mention baking and ice cream making! Even my mom was hesitant to try my new attempt. Came across this blog, and tried the Berrylicious Yogurt Ice Cream. I can't resist to announce my first attempt making ice-cream as the author of the blog has really good recipes for new beginners like me. Good things must be shared, right? 

How was it? Well, my bro says it's not bad but I didn't pureed smooth enough. My mom, forgot to ask for her comment since she knew the reason I made it. You see, my mom came to take care of my child when my hubby is away, my bro came to bring my mom to his place and my hubby is returning on the same night. There are more people around with more mouths to try than just my hubby just in case it didn't turn out well. Wrong choice for the first time though as I don't take yogurt. So, I didn't try it. And my hubby?? Definitely not encouraging at all? But did it stop me from trying? I don't think so as I want to brush up skills for my child(ren). I need to learn right from somewhere right? Ok, next!

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