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Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 a.m.

Not sure what has happened but lil missy woke up at 1.30am. Maybe my cough woke her up. Poor missy. When we couldn't soothe her to sleep, we fed her milk at about 2am. I was coughing so badly that I had to wake my hubby up to fix the milk for her. And she was still AWAKE after that! We thought that she would sleep after her milk. We were so wrong. There she was giggling and laughing and whatever entertainment she has created for herself with the 2 giant panda at both her sides. We were just too sleepy to entertain her. We don't need to at the first place right? We have definitely failed to sleep train her!

Ooh, what happened at 3 a.m? It's the time I woke up, really woke up and couldn't sleep after hearing her voice throughout the night since 1.30a.m. Darn. I used to be a log when I sleep but all changed when I got preggie. I am more alert especially to lil' missy's sound or the tingling sound from the bell on her anklet. At 5a.m, I realized she has pooped! Argh, now I really have to get my butt up from the bed and change her. Cleaned her bum, put her next to us and put the pacifier into her mouth. Finally, she dozed off. Sigh, pacifier really works wonder. Not only it helps to quiet her down, it helps her to sleep too. Bad, bad habit. But, we are both too lazy to wean her off from the pacifier.

At least I am thankful that she has not fallen sick even when both of us were.. thankful that she's beautifully and wonderfully made despite turning her parents into..

Panda eyes for both of us.. Hopefully, not for long.

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