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Thursday, August 11, 2011

When she starts to walk..

I hope I get the chance to see her walk for the first time, without any aid. Just today or was it yesterday, she let go of her hands from any support for a few seconds before ending up on her bum. It's a sign to me that she is going to walk any time soon. I fear that she won't wait for me and starts to walk at my in-law's place. Sigh, only if I can spend time with her more, even during weekdays.


  1. not to worry, any moment she started walking, whether its her first or a few times already, it will still light you up and smile :) That's how wonderful they are :) holding our hearts the moment we laid our eyes on them..

    wait till she starts talking..its real funny..the not so accurate pronunciation..really cute :)mine can finished the whole song of twinkle twinkle now, started a few days ago..very cute!

  2. Hi, I agree with you :) just, just that I don't want to miss it lo.... they are truly gifts from above!