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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lil' Missy poses

Want to show these to lil missy when she's grown up..

This is to give daddy and mommy a 10 min of bliss. This is also the time we I, most of the time, rushed to finish our dinner so that we can get her ready to sleep. I am not sure how long she would be there in such a position, so 'senget'. I adjusted her sitting position to avoid any further spinal injury. The eyes are so glued to the tv.

It is so hard to get her to sleep nowadays. It's not getting any easier. And just a moment ago, she woke up to my cough and been crying for a good 10 mins before we  decided to give her some milk. She finished it and fell asleep shortly after. Was she hungry? She doesn't seem so... more like comfort. Really 'ouch' if it is 'cos both of us took turn to hug, carry and to comfort her. Photos of her taken few weeks back when she's at 9-10mo.
Dozed after after curling, turning around the bed.

Closed up of her hugging the softie worm so tightly.

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