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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A lil' bit better

It started  with a sore throat, then cough and then sniffy nose. And ,the whole package came and passed on abit to my hubby too. Since lil' missy sleeps in betwen us, I pray that she won't get it from us. We are getting slightly better and she has developed a slight cough. And when she coughs, we have to watch really intently to know if she is just imitating to get our attention or she is really, really coughing. Yeah, she is getting cheekier by the day. Hoping that we will just get well real soon enough!

Ooh, I am also getting a bit more skillful in my cooking skills. If this is the first post you are reading, I am a young (maybe, not so young anymore) working adult who just became a mommy. Since I am not local, renting a room with no cooking facility does not help much in my culinary skills for the past decade until I have a kitchen of my own. Anyways, my mom came and saw the ABC porridge I made for lil' missy. She commented that it was still too chunky for lil' missy. I chopped the carrot finely and diced the potato and mashed it before feeding her. I thought it's really time for lil' missy to be exposed to more chewy stuff. But lil' missy is just swallowing them in. Gulp. Well, oh well, at least now my cooking skill has improved. I now put a big chunk of the potato, pumpkin and carrot to boil with the pork. Then take them out and mash them before putting it in again. So much lesser work. No need to chop finely or diced. Peel, chop and then mash. Improving, improving.. and please don't laugh at me for my ignorance of these few simple step. I don't cook, remember?

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