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Sunday, July 31, 2011

One more month..

My lil' missy is turning 1 in another month's time. Time flies!!!! I am thankful that she is growing well although still below percentile. She has finally increased her milk intake to 5oz except for the night feed. Well, it is still a progress than 3.5-4 oz on each feed. Though it is not a good measurement of her growth, but it is a great relieve than to see her being the same size of a 5.5mo baby. Arrgghhhh, the stress of fearing lil' missy is not catching up as she should be. Or maybe, we as parents have missed out something?

I will remind myself again and again that there is no manual on raising a healthy child. Every individual is different. Our heavenly Father does not copy and paste. Every child of His is unique.. So, trusting Him to take care of her. I'll do my part and He'll do the rest...

Lil' missy at few days' old... on my post delivery tummy ;)

Lil' missy at 10mo

Me 'sucking' lil' missy's brain

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