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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When goodbye is so hard to say

It's a struggle for us to leave our lil' missy to work every morning. With her pouty lips, watery eyes... and a slight cry.. sigh... Though I anticipated this day will come but to really experience that kind of expression from her, it is tough! Can't wait for the weekend to come so that I can spend as much time as possible. Can't wait for the day when I could cuddle her as much as I want and not letting her grow too fast. Time just stops. Of course, it means that I stop aging too. No chance eh? I can imagine how my parents felt when I walked down the aisle with my dad towards my hubby few years ago, and my mom watching us from the front. Time flies for them and it will be soon for me.

My hubby turned down an offer recently. Good money but he has to be stationed far away, a neighbouring country. He turned it down so that he won't misses any of our lil' missy's growth. It wasn't easy for him when lil' missy pushed him away when he was only away for a week! What more when he can't be back that often, maybe once a month. And since we are also planning for the 2nd one later, career advancement will have to be put on hold for at least 5 years. Though there are times I wished that I could stay at home 24,7 for my lil' missy, still, I am thankful that we both have stable incomes. With escalating expenses in education and whatever not, it is not easy to be on single income as we have far too many commitments and responsibilities.I hope that our children need not worry about education when they are older like we both had to.

So for now, we hope that lil' missy will grow to understand that we miss her as much as she does when we are at work. Her tears will soon be ours when she's all grown up, walking down the aisle to her future hubby and I, watching by the side and say, "that's my girl".

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  1. Hey, I feel you. It's hard for me too, but I'm trying to adjust to it, and try to motivate myself to be happy. Like what they said; happy mum made a happy baby. Sometimes, I felt really guilty too when I'm at work. Not sure if you are feeling the same way. But then I realized, I cannot keep this feeling in me. I cannot be sad. I have to do something. So, I decided that I would focus on what I can do, rather than what I cannot do. :)

    When are you planning for the second one? I think I'll start consider that after L.A turns 18 months.