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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pregnant? Do I really look like I am pregnant?!

With that question posted to me, I decided to wear a corset to work for the first time! The flabby tummy just won't go away. I wonder if I had diligently worn it after delivery, maybe the muscle would have been firmer compare to now, hanging loosely. Definitely cannot blame when my colleagues make that comment. But it's sad to hear that. Gosh, now I must really cut down a little on my snacking. I love to snack at work. It keeps me awake after heavy lunch. Oh please don't ask me to cut down on my lunch. Breakfast and lunch are the only time I eat a lot. My appetite will somehow shrunk when it's dinner. Maybe I need to munch to keep the stress level down.Then again, I don't earn big bucks to deserve all the stress I feel I am getting. Hmmm... Back to my fatty, bouncy tummy. Would it made a difference if I had engaged a traditional masseur to give me the 'urut'? Or if I had worn the 'bengkung'? Maybe the saying is right. There isn't any ugly women, just lazy. I do fall into that category - L.A.Z.Y unfortunately.

I still remember when I met a gorgeous mommy for the first time and I was wearing a green three quarter pants and a grey t-shirts. I only realized how horrible I looked at my own reflection when I stepped out of the car. Gasp! Too late as I didn't have anything to cover up myself. Talk about first impression. I have surely failed that. Maybe I should really be going for a more regular maintenance ie facial, get new make up stuff. I think I have not used my lipsticks for ages. Yeah, I should be a good samaritan and doll myself up a little so that I don't scare people off. Let's do a bit of community work here right? Actually, I don't think I would like myself to turn up to be an aunty so soon when I am only 28. Hehe, you know I am just kidding right?

Well, I should really be doing something to look presentable! And it is not just for vanity, but as a lady, woman. I should do something for myself. Now, how or where or what should I start...


  1. You are really funny. Yes, yes, I agree that you must doll yourself up. Do it when you are young otherwise when you are 45 like me, you will wish that you hadn't gone around dressing sloppily. Haha.

  2. MG: You also think I really should, eh? Well, soon soon.. maybe I shall start by wearing those high heels I have for a start ;)

  3. Hi Amanda, hehe, I feel you, I was once commented that before, but I told her while pointing at my tummy, it's the ice-cream. I love ice-cream. I have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight but because I worked in office environment that most of the time, I only sit, think and face the computer, pick up call, that explain why the tummy ain't getting smaller.

    But yes, I started wearing high heels and did wardrobe update too, it made you feel good.

    For great motivation, watch Devil in Prade. It motivates me a lot. ~~