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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sleeping bag for babies

If not for the mushrooming online shops especially for babies, I wouldn't have bought a sleeping bag for a friend of mine whose baby girl is turning 1mo. We were invited to the a close friend's baby fullmoon thanksgiving party. Although I prefer to giving red packet than the hassle to think of the gifts and getting the gifts. You know, when you have a budget, or the fear that the gifts may clash with others and the list goes on (one of them, plain lazy!). I was adamant in getting them something. Reason, I remember the new daddy always insisted to get a gift rather than vouchers or $$$. And so I started shopping hunting for appropriate gifts since the new mommy hasn't had any wish list. They must be too excited in welcoming their new bundle of joy that they have ended buying all the stuff they need.

So, what did we get at the end? Sleeping bag and Baby Einsten's books. No toys as most people will give toys or diapers. I am so glad that I came across this website that offers reasonably priced and good quality items. Not to mention good service too. I sent the request on Tues, made payment on Wed and received my items on Thurs. And the party is on Sun! Need to bear in mind that courier companies only work half day on Sat for some or none at all for the others. Too risky to push the delivery leadtime to the max.

I bought lil' missy's from here too when I realized that she is going to outgrown her 0-6mo sleeping bag I bought from Mothercare. She has been using the 2-3yo size at 7-8mo. Sleeping bag is truly one of the must-haves for babies since they are good 'kicker'. No way the blanket will stay nicely covering them. Must be dreaming of kung fu fighting *wink*. If you are looking for more designs since this website has very limited choices as I don't think she carries a lot of stocks for each design for business sense, Mothercare and Ikea or baby stores have them. And those, you would have to drive out, look for parking and maybe have to consider the next meal for babies, in my case at least,  online shopping is convenient.

So, in case you are wondering what to buy for a freind's baby, you may want to consider sleeping bag.

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