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Monday, July 18, 2011

She's the Princess

And we as parents are definitely not the queen and king! Who do you want to kid eh? As she grows, she learns how to express herself and maybe, a lil' bit more of tricks.

What tricks has she been up to lately? She is using our arms as her pillow! She used to roll and roll and roll on the bed before dozing off. And it's easier when she has our arms below her neck. And since I normally rush off to prepare her food for tomorrow when we reached home and also to shower, my hubby will look after her. Yup, it is at those moment when she learnt the new skill to coming down from the bed with her bum. And tonight, I purposely did not wake my hubby up (with his arms as lil' missy's pillow), in a slightly awkward position. *evil laughter* muahahaha. No, it is not for revenge or anything. Saja (just no reasons).

We are hoping our lil' missy will not turn to a demanding toddler. She has been an easy baby thus far except for stressing us out for not reaching the recommended height and weight. We met a 4mo baby BOY and he's almost the same size as my lil' missy! I stress boy here 'cos most people would just tell me "it's ok, boy is always bigger size or boy mar". Well, she's healthy and happy. Those are what matter most, right?

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