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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Free from Addiction!

Woohooo.. We managed to wean her off pacifier finally! Not that we failed earlier, but we were having mixed feelings whether to go ahead or not. But the sight of seeing some children still 'sucking' the pacifier at the age of 2, 4 scares me.. There are many pros and cons on this pacifier case. I believe it is harder to wean as they get older. And so, the project kicked off during the Raya holidays. We have a whole week to work it out with her.

We planned to start with her afternoon nap without pacifier. But on day 2, she seemed to be able to fall asleep after a long struggle and so, we decided to go ahead without pacifier at night. And on day 3, she came to realization that there won't be any pacifier and cried a lil' before dozed off. Well, I claim victory on this! Phew, looking forward to better sleeping habit for her. Hope she would naps and sleeps longer. She is still petite for her age. She can wear some of the 3-6mo rompers. 3-6mo!! If 6-9mo, I wouldn't be so stressed, but 3-6mo?? One step at a time. Grow darling, please grow well.

One of her pic with pacifier..
Bye, bye pacifier!!
Day 1: Conked out after a loooonng struggle

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