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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicken in the menu

Finally, lil’ missy had her first taste of chicken meat. Why such a long delay? Well, I agree with the opinions of my friend. Her son has some indigestion issue (I hope I remember it right) and only gets better when his diet changed.  His diet consists of only these 7 ingredients only – pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, red dates, longan, sweet corn and “lut zhi” (still not sure what that is until now) until more than a year old.  I do agree that babies’ and infants’ digestion and whatever there is in the body are still developing. And that is also the reason we introduce any new food to them in stages. Read here or here if you would like to know more about feeding solids.

Back to my lil’ missy, since she has been passing motion twice a day at least, so I stick to my variety of vege but fish for meat only.  I hope she won’t be sick of fish when she’s grown up.  As to her first chicken menu, it’s dates, gei zhi and .... don’t remember what else in the oats porridge since this blog is supposed to be posted weeks ago! Sigh, if only I had written it down much earlier. Well, just a note to say that she’s having chicken now!

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