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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sleep, oh sleep..

How I miss thee..

How do you put an active 1 yo to sleep? What do you normally do? Do you go through the same motion every time before bedtime as advised by all the experts? I know we have not been doing right somewhere, but now, we have to resort to this whenever we I want her to sleep. My hubby will play with her until I am done with my tasks and to take over from him. And when I take over...

My hand will become her bolster.. And I have to literally pin her head down. Else, she will be moving up, down, up down.. rolling here and there to all the four corners of our bed. 
Lil' missy, mommy and daddy want to sleep too. When you don't, we can't... And you need to sleep more in order to grow well too. You are only 7.3kg at 1yr and 2 week.

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