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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Damsel in distress!

Lil' missy gained confidence after a few successful attempts getting down from our bed, she was shocked when she slipped (since she still can't stand on her own without aid yet) and fell with a loud THUMP! Maybe it's not loud, but my heart did skip a beat. I saw how she used her hand to lessen the impact of the fall, so, the bump on her head may not be painful. But. no doubt she was shocked!

And from then on, she practiced caution. She will get down and cry for help half way although it is only
few inches more to reach the floor. She learnt from mistakes. It is a cute sight to see her trying to get down on her own, but then cry when she couldn't reach the floor. Yes, I am an evil mom! Hehehe.. but I believe there are times she needs to learn through the hard way. Life is not a bed of roses after all, right? Of course, we do not leave her alone at any times since we have helper to do the house chores, she has our full attention.

My lil' damsel crying for help.. if you look closely, she's only a few inches away..

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