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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Western cuisine for the day

I love mushrooms!! And naturally, it will be one of lil' missy's meal too. And she had an whole egg today too! Something different today unlike the usual porridge. Seriously, I wonder if she's ever bored with fish and porridge. Maybe I shouldn't even need to worry about it so long she's eating. I don't even want to think the time she'll turn to be a fussy eater, with her petite size.

Today, she had egg, potato sandwich for lunch. It would be yummy (for me at least) if there isn't any cheese or butter. I don't like cheese and butter just in case you wonder why. As for dinner, she had creamy mushroom pasta. And I would have walloped all the mushroom soup if there're salt and pepper in it. It tasted soooo bland except for the mushrooms. We, parents prepare the best as we could for them don't we.

And did she like it? Not sure... She didn't take much of the bread, About 1 whole piece. Maybe it is filling as well since there are so much of carbo from the bread and potato. As for the pasta, I can't say either as she was a bit cranky. All because of the 2 hours nap for the whole day and that has been the average hours of naps for the past few days. If you're sleepy, you won't have much appetite too right? And she has finished almost all the pasta except a few spoonful. Will see when I cook her western food again. In case you want to know the recipe of the creamy mushroom soup, here it is.

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