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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lil' Missy turns ONE

Lil' missy, the apple of our eyes

We were quite hesitant to host any party for lil' missy. We are L.A.Z.Y. Imagine the amount of time needed to plan, food especially since I don't cook, WHO to invite, BUDGET... but we relented. We are thankful not just for her, but to the people around us, supporting us. Truly, we wouldn't be able to stay sane in this transitional period in our lives if not for the support we have. And, decided to host a small party at our humble abode. We had her fullmoon in a japanese restaurant. So, this time, we wanted to test our place a lil' bit.

Food, a pain! I don't can't cook and definitely not for a big group. I don't like to order from catering either as the menu doesn't look tempting. Besides, we don't meet the minimum headcounts due to limited space, and hence short guests list. I would prefer to cook if I could but I wouldn't want my guests to lose their appetite. Stress, stress! And then, I remember her! Tasted her food from a friend's party and defenitely recommend Azlin! If I ever going to have another party, I do not have to worry anymore except to watch out for Ramadan. I almost change the date to accommodate her since she doesn't cater during fasting month. Understandable. But since she has been so kind to prepare 2 main dish, I quickly accept the offer. I sourced from other places to fill in the rest of the menu. Of course, I also took the chance to introduce my lo-mai-chi. Since carbo and meat are well taken care of, I just need to prepare some salads (vege), fruits and drinks. Dessert, the birthday cake of course! Looks like complete menu. eh? Thank God that the party turned out well.

The post will not be complete without a picture of the cake. Since we didn't spend on a wedding cake during our wedding, I wanted one for lil' missy. So, here it is.
The orange and chocolate cake. Yummy, thanks Shing!

We also dedicated lil' missy on that day too!

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