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Monday, October 3, 2011

Testing my patience

How does one feed a 1yo toddler? It is quite a task to feed her now. With her not sitting still, she is driving me mad everytime. Maybe I should strap her down to the chair and let her bawl. But then, there will be a risk of her throwing up too if she cries too long. I will then be very upset if all my hardwork is vomited out! And the stress of knowing empty tummy in lil' missy petite body. How to grow??!!

I've seen parents used dvd player, tv and now ipad to keep them entertained. I am refraining until, until...

As for now, this is my tactic (Have I shared this before?) Well, I don't remember and if I did, take a look of how she has grown to be a cheeky monyet (monkey). She's 13mo here.

Posing before realizing that she's stuck
With her smiling..
Her legs can't reach the floor and so can't find a footing to get away from the stool..

Crying, the next!

I love this stool. It is very expensive, RM 30 for one but we don't get to see it available anywhere now. It's like a dying art. Got this in Melaka, and will buy a few more if I have the chance to go down.
Sheep :)
There was once we were out and she had not had any nap throughout the day. What do you think we have then? A super cranky with no appetite baby with us! Gosh, it was so hard to feed her then. And I succumbed (which is a good thing) to letting her feed herself. Let not the food go to waste. At least, she gets to practice some eye and hand coordination.
The messiest ever! Wait till we have art session with her..
Do you share the same madness to handle? How do you overcome the challenge? How do you feed an active toddler?.. without the mess. Sorry, still not so ready to clean up the mess. Sigh..

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