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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Will we survive without helper?

We defnitely will, keeping fingers crossed.  Decision has been made. The maid has really stepped overboard this time. She has tested our patience to the max. Enough is enough. This is final. . 

No doubt she has been a great helper in certain ways. But she has overstepped and been taking things for granted for the past 18 months. Every month, she would complained not feeling well, breaking things at least once on average. She has selective hearing and memory. I have to remind and instruct her DAILY on her tasks. I feel like I am becoming her PA in some ways, cleaning up when she didn't complete her tasks. Oh, and she must have her daily afternoon naps too. Else, we would be seeing a zombie in the house.

Even after making the decision to send her off, both hubby and I were quite hesitant in our ways. She is here to earn a living afterall. Or maybe she has taken lightly to our warnings. scoldings, advises and whatever it is. We have been hard and soft on her. Nothing seems to work. My MiL even allowed her to take a break when my MiL herself does the house chores. She is pampered in my eyes! She is not grateful and even told my relatives that she deserved her naps, gifts and whatever not. We didn't really want to have such an ending.

So, the day has finally come for us to send her to the agency. We didn't tell her much but just instructed her to pack her clothes from my in-law's. I inspected her bag, which is just a day or two days' supply of clothes and drove her there. I believe she knew that she is being sent off. Reach the agency, signed some documents, stated the reasons for terminating the contract and off I went. I believe reality sink in on her when the agent scolded her, interogating her. The agents sure have their way to speak to them. The lies we have been fed. Till now, we are not sure how she got her handphone. I sympathise her for having to pay so much for her flight ticket to work here (7.5 months!!) and the time away from her family. If only she behaved well, attitude right.. if only.

Things I found when I went back home to her room to pack her stuff. Extra handbags, bracelets, trinkets, blings blings.. Come on! You are not going anywhere to see any prince charming. Why do you need them? And who gave these to you? Did you earn them by washing some extra clothes from my relatives??? Oh well, it doesn't really matter now. Jaga diri baik-baik, those were my last words to her. Gave her some extra cash and didn't deduct her salary for breaking our things, I hope we gave her a good working experience as her first working place in Malaysia.

Back into the world of washing toilets, ironing clothes, floors...

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