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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Annual Horsey Affair at Selangor Turf Club

I am truly glad that my friend told me about this event. No regret going despite the hot and humid weather. Not to mention the slight drizzle in the morning. Read here, here and here for more info on this annual event. Or just google it. Although it is held every year, but done at different places annually at the 3 turf clubs in Malaysia which are located in Penang, Ipoh and Selangor. Unless you don't mind to travel to those states to participate, it will be once in every 3 years in each state.

Glad and happy my niece had a great time. I hope. At least she gets to ride on a pony. All kids love to ride on one if they are not afraid of it right? Lil' missy gets to stroke on pony too.. real thing. And not showing picturs or flash cards saying horse!

Here are some pics..

Our first picture at the carnival

We get to pet the pony. So up-close!

And carriage ride too with their droppings along the way. Smells!!
My happy niece. Love her smiling like that.
Always cool look.. blur on the pony cos it moves. Real thing :)
Hehe, can see the tiredness on her face? Must have a shot with carriage!
She smiles for me :) Smile more sweetie niece!
The mascots welcoming us.. on our way out. Too bad lil' missy is afraid of them.

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