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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lil' missy's first experience in the pool

Swimming is the only exercise I enjoy. Jogging, badminton and whatever else will just make me feel dizzy, I feel. Lame excuse? I don't deny either. I have one unhealthy lifestyle.. Wait. Does doing house chores and chasing after lil' missy consider an exercise? I sweat too..

Anyways, I do not stay in a condo with easy access to swimming pool and neither am I keen to drive all the way to public swimming pool. No wonder I am ballooning to be a whale in no time if I don't watch out. Maybe vanity should be the drive to have a healthy lifestyle. I need to exercise! Drag my hubby along one of the mornings.. one of those days.

No, this post is not about me.. it is about lil' missy of course! First time mommies will surely want to record their child's, precious ones' many firsts. Also the very reason this blog exists. In September, I know, I know.. a late post. Without a maid now, whatever time and energy I have after lil' missy is spent on house chores. Back to swimming. Lil' missy had her first swim in the pool, INFINITY pool at 1yo! I only get to swim in an infinity pool at age thirties. She's truly one blessed girl. What more. She got another godmother too on the same day too. I've been waiting for this godmother!! Finally... One more person to continuously keeping lil' missy in prayer and loving her. Another great woman to be lil' missy's role model when she grows up. Ooh, and also when mommy (yours truly) needs to take a break.. .. ..

My swimsuit model, in her 1st birthday gift from us
Lil' missy enjoying herself
With her 2 kai-ma's. Look at the view! Awesome.

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  1. Hey I didn't know you had a blog :) Very nice... keep posting. It's good to see how lil missy has grown over the past year!