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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Artsy fartsy for lil' missy.. Craft session

The only event I remember for Oct. Booo, this is for not jotting down as soon as it happens. What to do? I  am dropped dead by the time I reach home have short term memory..Learnt how to go about introducing art crafts to lil' missy. What do I really need? Patience and a definitely mentally prepared for mess. I am just so not ready to clean up the mess. I think I am a clean freak!

Threw away her 'palm' print because it turned moldy. This will be a picture blog post of the FUN we had.
While waiting for our turn, she has started to entertain herself
The dough for her palm print
She doesn't like the mushy mushy touch on her palm
That's it. She's pulling away!!
Her palm print! Unfortunately, it turned moldy after few weeks.

Painting while waiting for the clay to dry.
She prefers to feel the paint..
than to use the string or brush to paint..
Hannah: Eeew, why is her hands full of paint?
Dip, dip, dip.. no way of stopping her
Must guide her hands to the right place before it ends in her mouth.. again!
The fine art vs err...
My cheeky lil' missy.. Love her to bits!
Even when she's a hard baby at times. Talk about multi-tasking at a young age.

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