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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweet word to the ears when she starts calling me Momma.

It is going to be a long, looooooooooooong wait before lil' Missy will eventually calls me MOMMY. Sigh, she has been babbling many words like daddey (daddy), eeeeta (ita, my maid's name), aelo (hello), bijubijubiju (err, no idea. Maybe she likes the way her lips and mouth works for her), aw aw (no idea too), woo woo (woof woof, the sound of dog's barking), arp daung (up down), ding dock (tick tock) and... So far, she has called me momma a total of 3 4 times! 3 4 times ONLY and those were out of desperation. And I am not even sure if she's calling me but her actions say she is!

Here are some milestones in her 14mo
1.11.2011 - her first word of momma :) She started calling daddy way before that!
11.11.2011 - her first few steps on her 2 feet.. not so confident but getting there
1.12.2011 - she finally walks without any aid.. though she looks like a skinny penguin, yea, she is walking alright! Way to go, darling!
20.11.2011 - What is so significant on this date? Lil' Missy got her first taste of being caned! Opinionated strong-willed..

And feeding her right now is a task! There were times she refused to let us feed her. She wants to eat on her own. But, but she doesn't really know how to hold the spoon corectly yet. Before the spoon enters her mouth, she would turn it upside down and all the food will drop onto the bowl/floor or even stain her clothes! I am so not ready for mess though I know it will do her good. Sigh..

And there are more developments, we taught her more action songs and she is able to act out the actions. Songs we enjoy singing together especially when there is no one at the back of the car with her. We are the jukebox.
Twinkle, twinkle lilttle star (the very 1st song we taught her and she still loves to sing this song to this very day)
If you are happy and you know it.. clap your hands, stomp your feet, shout hurray
Jesus loves me
Deep and wide (just the 1st stanza)
Deep down in my heart
I'm in the Lord's army
Itsy bitsy spider
The wheel of the bus
New friend found (to encourage walking)

There's more... Looks like I have missed out a few of her development progress. cos she is growing faster than I can find time to write it down ;p and now... ... ... *lallalla* eyes rolling

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  1. Hey... so exciting!! :) I'm sure when she starts calling 'Mummy' properly, she will not stop... hehe.
    Looks like she is developing fast... well done!